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  Airport Noise Report - A Weekly Newsletter on Litigation, Regulations, and Technological Developments

Welcome to Airport Noise Report, the only newsletter published exclusively for those interested in the complex topic of aircraft noise.

With dynamic growth in aviation forecast well into the 21st century, aircraft noise will remain a challenging environmental problem and one that will affect more and more people as air traffic routes and procedures change in the future.

Whether you are an airport or aviation industry professional, elected official, aviation consultant, attorney specializing in airport noise cases, or community activist, a subscription to Airport Noise Report will give you valuable insight into noise problems at airports throughout the country and help you find effective ways to deal with your own noise problems through ANR's in-depth coverage, timely reporting of federal, state, local, and international developments, and incisive analysis of events.

You will benefit from special reports prepared by ANR's Editorial Advisory Board and through interviews with experts in the field of airport noise. And our annual index will allow you to use the newsletter as a valuable research tool.

Our many subscribers include airport and aviation officials, acoustical experts, consultants, land use planners, attorneys, city, state and federal government officials, and community groups.

The weekly newsletter includes clear, concise coverage of the following topics:

Local, state, federal, and international regulations concerning aircraft noise
Airport plans to impose new noise rules under FAA's Part 161 process
Litigation stemming from the impact of airport noise, airport noise regulations, and attempts to block airport expansions
The latest research findings in the area of airport noise, including health effects
Status of hushkit and re-engining technology and activity
Federal agency activity
FAA approvals of Part 150 noise compatibility programs and airport noise maps, and status reports on program
Funding and revisions of the federal Airport Improvement Program
Congressional activity, reports, and hearings
Trends in compatible land use planning around airports
Advances in noise measurement methodologies, modeling, and computer simulation
Status of sound insulation programs and noise monitoring programs
Interviews with newsmakers and special in-depth reports on current topics of interest

Format and Frequency

Weekly report sent by e-mail in PDF format
Indexed annually
Volume 20 (includes all issues for 2008)
Back issues available


Airport Noise Report
43978 Urbancrest Court • Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Phone: (703) 729-4867 • Fax: (703) 729-4528

E-mail: [email protected]
URL: http://www.airportnoisereport.com

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