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What Subscribers Say About Airport Noise Report

We asked subscribers what they thought about Airport Noise Report and here is what some of them had to say:

“During the 10 years I spent as FAA’s Noise Policy Manager and during the past three years as an airport noise consultant, I depended heavily on ANR to stay informed on all important airport noise innovations and litigation.

The ANR has consistently reported the unbiased facts, which is why it is considered the best source of airport noise information by FAA officials, airport and airline officials, community activists, and aviation noise consultants.”

Bill Albee
Director, Special Projects
Wyle Laboratories
Arlington, VA

“The Oakland Airport Noise Office reads ANR every week and relies on it for up-to-date information in the airport noise world. We applaud your thoroughness, accuracy, and timeliness.”

Carole Wedl
Noise Officer
Oakland International Airport

“I have been a subscriber to the Airport Noise Report since February 1989 and found the report to be invaluable in maintaining currency on developments in the aircraft noise management field. It has provided accurate descriptions of events in the noise world and insightful analysis of developments.

In my role as overseer of the aircraft noise regulatory regime in Canada, I find the Report to be of invaluable assistance in remaining up to date on current events and on trends that are developing. I have also retained almost every issue since the Report’s inception, which I find to be a useful historical record. I would not do without my ANR!”

Thomas Lowrey
Transport Canada

“With so many airports involved in precedent-setting noise issues, it would be impossible to stay current without the assistance of ANR. When noise issues arise, we can quickly scan the ANR index for current and factual information.

The events of 9/11 have caused a surge in public awareness and sensitivity to aircraft operations. This in turn leads to an increase in noise complaints and safety concerns. The City of Phoenix Noise Information Office adheres to a positive three-step approach method to communicate, educate, and activate. If we do not stay aware, we cannot properly educate our communities.

Thank you for the valuable service you provide.”

Nancy Faron
Noise Information Manager
City of Phoenix Aviation Department
Phoenix Sky Harbor, Deer Valley, Goodyear Airports

“ANR is indispensable to the serious citizen observer of airport-noise issues.”

Chas. H.W. Talbot
Office Administrator
Regional Commission on Airport Affairs
Normandy Park, WA

“I rely heavily on Airport Noise Report for up-to-date information about newly-filed noise lawsuits around the country and developments in ongoing cases. ANR always seems to get candid quotes from the parties or their counsel, and asks probing questions the mainstream media don’t know enough to ask.

ANR helps me in my aviation practice, as well as prepare me for teaching Aviation Law. Each article, whether brief or lengthy, is very readable. I also appreciate the occasional in-depth treatment of technical noise issues, such as evidence that aircraft noise may disrupt sleep or a child’s learning.”

Gregory S. Walden
Patton Boggs LLP
FAA Chief Counsel, 1988-90
Washington, DC

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